This is a simple device designed to be a shortcut for common action in Cubase. It can:

  • control the system volume
  • mute/unmute the sound
  • play/stop
  • start recording
  • toggle transport cycle
  • mark the current selected track as solo

picture of the device

How it works

Using the v-usb library, it emulates a keyboard and a multimedia device. The rotary encoder controls the volume and it can mute the sound when the encoder's switch is pressed. Also it has 6 aditional slots for buttons that can be linked to a specific shortcut used by Cubase. By default it can play/stop, start recording, Toggle transport cycle and mark the selected track as solo.

Directories in this repository

CubaseRemote - Atmel studio project

eagle_Cubase USB Remote v1.0 - schematics and eagle file

hex - generated hex files

pictures - pictures of the electronics board


ATmega8 or any other similar AVR microcontroller. If using a different model, some minor fine-tuning of the firmware might be neded.

Other electronic components. See the circuit schematic.

The required software environment:

Atmel Studio 6

How to build this project

  1. Use Atmel studio to edit and build the project.
  2. Flash with your favorite programmer
  3. Profit


  1. Make an ergonomic case