A project log for Arduino Simone Slouchy

Intolerate Your Posture

Vije Miller 04/18/2017 at 04:040 Comments

1. 28BYJ-48 are cheap bcz they are in fact, rubbish -- do not be fooled by reviews documenting "high torque" and "power" bcz they fail to mention they only used these stepper motors to propel insignificantly sized wheeled robots a few paces before over heating and seizing.

2. Per my review above (Notation 1) may I suggest the alternative of either the purchase of or the modification of a servo to operate at 360 degree rotation -- ref.

3. A modified version of this code applied distance reference to alter the position of the shoulder servo relative to the actual distance of the sloucher -- due to impatience, disinterest and coherence of my typical distance, the code is commented but easily accessible.