PCB's without any prototyping(#yolo)

A project log for Classic Hackerspace project: Vending machine

All hackerspaces have a vending machine, some have got it working, we intend to get ours operational(we'll see how it goes)

nikolai-ovesenNikolai Ovesen 12/08/2018 at 20:530 Comments

As we have no intentions of keeping the coin mechanism, the soggy film buttons or the old circuit board we're designing a new board to drive everything.

This board basically consists of 3 PCA9535 IO-Expanders, two of them drives various IO for the motors(I'll come back to that later), the last one drives 16 pins for various buttons and whatever might come up, its not like we're designing a lot of stuff in advance.

Anyways, we needed some electronics to drive the motors, so as we're a lazy bunch we decided against re-wiring the motors and "encoders" we designed a new card that we can just plug in without  re-doing the wiring harness.

The motors are basically multiplexed so you drive one pin high and one motor turns, each motor has one switch that triggers once per rotation and one transistor on the common pin that you break the circuit with.

Hans cooked up a circuit design to drive this design and I decided it was time to design my first PCB and after a week of tinkering and a few days of waiting for the PCB's to arrive from JLC they arrived in my mailbox.

Here's the front side of the PCB, looking pretty snazzy if I'd say so myself.

And this is the backside, with more branding and for those of you not proficient in Norwegian the slogan basically says: "good enough for us, good enough for you"

As I was taken by surprise by how damned fast the PCB was produced I forgot to add the BOM of components for it so haven't gotten around to getting those and we're currently working on finishing some other project, if we remember what we've actually done we'll make a project post for that one as well when we're done.