An Arduino controlled, high-current, high-voltage and very high resolution stepper motor driver for all sorts of automation and robotics.

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Tired of the conventional low current/low resolution stepper motor drivers that limit the performance of you CNC machines?

Are you not satisfied of the current stepper boards that offer a very few numbers of special features?

Do you want to have a stepper driver that not only packs a lot of punch and power, but also has a very low price compared to others that offer same features?

A new project by Vector Prototypes is on its way.

A DRV8711(TI) controller based, Arduino compatible board that is capable of running a high-curent/high voltage stepper motor of any size is under development. It has a maximum resolution of 1/256 ensuring a very high resolution operation. It also has tons of editable feature values to suit any kind of user and need and more importantly, a very friendly cost that fits all hobbyist and makers alike.

Initial planned specifications as follows:

  • 10A/15A - 5V/50V Bipolar Stepper Motor Driver
  • Full Step to 1/256th Step Modes driving capability
  • Arduino/Raspberry Pi Compatible and Open-Source (once funded) for maximum "Hackability"
  • Low Footprint size to fit any medium sized project
  • With lots of features like current control, torque regulation, back-emf monitoring and fault and stall detection usable through a very simple Windows PC application
  • With a very simple and established step/dir control method
  • Different configurable decay modes for maximum compatibility to an array of available bipolar stepper motors
  • With Protection and Diagnostic features like: Overcurrent Protection, Overtemperature Shutdown Undervoltage Lockout, Individual Fault Condition Indication Bits, and Fault Condition Indication Pin (also accesible though Windows PC application)

More details to come soon.

Indiegogo project being planned at the moment.

Please follow this project for upcoming updates!

  • PCB Supplier scouting

    Jhon Allan Tagalag10/13/2016 at 13:18 0 comments

    How can you create a great Driver Board if you have a shitty PCB supplier?

    To prevent sending our future customers a garbage looking board, we are currently looking for great quality PCBs supplied by verified suppliers.

    There is one order (unfortunately for a morse code encoder board) being shipped by one possible PCB supplier. Hope it looks great!

    Stay tuned for further updates.

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