Fancy new build

A project log for Android Circuit Python Editor

Use a USB OTG cable with Android devices for Serial, REPL, and a basic code editor for use withCircuit Python Boards.

foamyguyfoamyguy 12/13/2018 at 04:310 Comments

The time has come. The new build is ready enough to share more properly. The new APK file is in the repo. This build brings the REPL macros from the previous log as well as a few other improvements. There is now a title bar with shortcuts to each utility along the top. I've made the wrong mode failure cases behave a bit nicer. I've also added some resiliency to spamming on load and save buttons on the editor page. Oh and the terminal text is now selectable for copy/paste.

I think it's almost nearly ready for the first release on the play store. Just need to clean up a few more things.