1x USB Cable
1x Polyswitch Fuse 300mA
1x 5 Ohm Resistor
1x 3D Printed Part Bottom (Download below)
1x 3D Printed Part Top (Download below)
Some Wire & Heat Shrink

I used a short female USB cable so I can unplug the clip when I don't use it, that way I don't have the cable hanging from my headset all the time. But ofc you can directly connect a USB cable if you want.

For a little protection I went with a 300mA polyswitch fuse. Keep the series resistance of the fuse in mind when choosing the value for R1. Mine had around 2 Ohm, so combined with the 5 Ohm I chose for R1 I have around 70mA flowing through the LEDs. The SFH485P can go up to 100mA. So you can go higher if you want, but 70mA works fine for me.

To keep everything in place I simply filled parts of the case with some 2 component adhesive.

After you're done, the top part of the case should hold pretty tight just by pushing it in.

The clip can then easily be mounted to your headset by using 1 or 2 zip ties.

The clip uses the standard dimensions from Opentrack: