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A project log for VHDL library of ProASIC3 gates

Hard macros and "tiles" of Actel/Microsemi's ProASIC3 so I can design compatible and optimised code without the proprietary libraries

Yann Guidon / YGDESYann Guidon / YGDES 09/05/2019 at 14:510 Comments

A recent hackachat with the Parallax team provided me with some interesting "data points" :-)

@Chip Gracey  sent me a large file containing the synthesis report of his latest creation, the Propeller 2, and I did some reverse engineering :-)

For example I extracted the different types of gates and it's very interesting :

adhalfx2_s  and2x1_s  and2x4_s  and4x4_s  ao21x2_s  ao22x1_s  ao22x2_s  aoi21abx1_s  aoi21abx2_s  aoi21ax1_s  aoi21ax2_s  aoi21cx05_s  aoi21cx1_s  aoi21cx2_s  aoi21x1_s  aoi21x2_s  aoi221x1_s  aoi221x2_s  aoi222x05_s  aoi222x2_s  aoi22x05_s  aoi22x1_s  aoi22x2_s  aoi31x1_s  aoi31x2_s  aoi32x05_s  bufx10_s  bufx3_s  bufx4_s  bufx6_s  bufx8_s  clkbufx10_s  clkbufx3_s  clkbufx4_s  clkbufx6_s  clkbufx8_s  clkinvx10_s  clksgpx6_s  dffprx2_s  exnor2x1_s  exnor2x2_s  exor2x2_s  invx1_s  invx2_s  invx3_s  invx4_s  majix1_s  muxi2x05_s  muxi2x1_s  muxi2x2_s  nand2ax1_s  nand2ax2_s  nand2ax3_s  nand2ax4_s  nand2x1_s  nand2x2_s  nand2x3_s  nand2x4_s  nand3drx2_s  nand3x1_s  nand3x2_s  nand4x2_s  nor2ax05_s  nor2ax2_s  nor2ax3_s  nor2ax4_s  nor2x05_s  nor2x1_s  nor2x2_s  nor2x3_s  nor2x4_s  nor3x2_s  oa211x2_s  oa21x1_s  oa21x2_s  oa222x2_s  oa31x2_s  oai211x05_s  oai211x1_s  oai211x2_s  oai21ax1_s  oai21ax2_s  oai21x1_s  oai21x2_s  oai221x1_s  oai221x2_s  oai22x05_s  oai22x1_s  oai22x2_s  oai311x2_s  oai31x2_s  oai321x2_s  or2x4_s  or3x2_s  sdffpmrqx1_s  sdffprqx05_s  sdffprqx1_s  sdffprqx2_s  sdffprx1_s  sdffprx2_s