I made this Clock because I have a addressable LED strip laying around and I want to use it. Then I saw my room doesn't have a good Clock that matches its walls. So I Decided to make a Clock which can change its colors according to users mood or wall color.

Making Process

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I firstly took a 24 x 15 inch plywood board.

Cut LED strip into pieces and paste them on the board

Then After soldering them I cover the whole with a black chart paper

Then paste a thermocoal sheet on top of it and cut the thermocoal with a sharp cutter in shape of 4 seven segment displays along with two holes in center.

Then made my circuit ready using circuits diagram given below

and pasted this all behind the board.

I also ordered a custom pcb for the same from they provide best pcb prototypes for lowest price from china and ship worldwide fast and secure.

after soldering all my components on my board I removed the breadboard and fixed everything behind the board and covered front section using a thin translucent trace paper.

The clock looks awesome and increase the beauty of wall. customization colors make it perfect for any wall.

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Thank you for reading!