The machine in action

A project log for Pick and place machine - Smoothieboard/OpenPnp

A dual head PNP machine that uses Openbuilds hardware, a Smoothieboard controller, dual camera vision, automatic/drag feeders, and OpenPnp

JohnJohn 03/24/2019 at 11:560 Comments

Here are some test runs of the machine doing its thing. This is after a lot of calibration and cussing. 

In the first video, you'll see moves between picking a component and going to the board are slow. This is because the head is rotating on the move, and the component is oriented to correct way by the time it arrives at the board. It doesn't really need to rotate the part in most cases. If you have a resistor or non-polarized cap set to 270 or 180 - changing the rotation values to 90 and 0 will make things go much faster. 

For the second video, I had bottom vision turned on for testing. This was for LEDs (which really don't need to be precisely oriented), so things are significantly slower than they would normally be. I do need to adjust the feeders a little more though. They're somewhat inconsistent, especially with LEDs.