• Applications of this UPS

    Patel Darshil12/03/2018 at 13:46 0 comments

    Hello, we are launching an Indiegogo campaign about most efficient 5V solar power UPS ever!

    Here is the most efficient solar power supply ever designed. It does the work of solar power unit, efficient timing delivery of power and a super capacitor UPS. You device can work upto 15 days without sunlight or further charging once the batteries are fully charged!

    Imagine a situation that you have made a weather station and searching for outlet outdoors. So this device can minimize your workload for days as this can power your devices 4x more efficiently!

    The unit is compatible with Arduino, Raspberry pi, Node MCU, etc. and thus no need to worry about choosing the board for more efficiency. So, just connect and be uninterruptible! 

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