Huge milestone! First sound output!

A project log for SNES DRONE

A cartridge for the SNES (Super Famicom) that uses the built-in wavetable chip to finally turn the console into a synthesizer!

foxchildFoxchild 01/13/2019 at 00:150 Comments

Just a quick notice that the project has stepped over a huge milestone today: I had my first sinewave output! <3

It‘s just a short sample of 1k sine but damn... feels good man! :D

This means the project‘s next milestone is to run the SNES firmware code from RAM and fetch for potentiometer values every other millisecond to change the frequency.

I will also post hardware documents for the cardtridge in the following days. I just have to make some minir changes because of course the first design has mistakes...

I will also have a giveaway of another prototyping board I developed in case anyone‘s interested in rolling his own SNES code.

Stay tuned, SNES DRONE is coming!