On this project, pictures are from version 1.0 and design files from V1.1.

I do some changes like the 1N4148 where was soldered directly on the relay pins passing up to the 230V, in V1.1 is a SMD 1N4148W diode instead of the THT like picture.

For this diode THT I put it 2mm higher than the 230V

In the new version the hole for ESP-01M is 1mm thin instead of 1.6mm like in V1.0

This PCB is planned to go to an electrical box too (you can cut the 2 corders with holes and it will fit into an electrical box in the wall (at least standard size from Switzerland). I planed to have 2 Neutral holes for this case. For plug we only use one.

To be sure we haven't any track burned because of too much current, I soldered 230V tracks on the PCB