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A project log for Linux Design Centres

To build an open hardware case for the M58P Thinkcentre computer.

David TroetschelDavid Troetschel 01/22/2019 at 02:150 Comments

I've been doing some doodles here and there and thinking of features which seem like they would fit well with the overall idea. I haven't had the time to focus enough on this project lately so right now the computer is splayed out pizza box style on my desk, chugging along. So I haven't given up, I modeled all those components! I'm actually going to model more: a screen, keyboard and mouse.

I actually ran with one idea.

There are a couple places where I broke rules, thus making actual production more difficult. Examples are zero draft angles on some vacuum molded parts. The exposed cables bit is interesting, I like the idea of it not being a static entity but in reality this could pose a great point of interest for say.... a cat.

Right now i'm imagining this could be made with polystyrene or acrylic, laser cutter, vacuum former, sheet of aluminum and some way of manipulating its geometry.

Bottom line, a lot more work than most would be willing to put in.

I will persevere, the way doesn't seem clear right now but I think some breakthrough will happen.