First Pass Preliminary Test Results

A project log for U1LiUPSRPi

The Ultimate Single Cell Lithium UPS for any Raspberry Pi

Bud BennettBud Bennett 02/01/2019 at 05:240 Comments

These PCBs are technically the second pass, but I never assembled the first pass PCBs because they did not have the proper cutout to fit the case for the Raspberry Pi. 

Executive Summary:

The performance, as far as tested, meets the design objectives. There is one functional failure -- the RESET function doesn't put the part to sleep when power is not applied -- the fix is easy but will require another PCB turn.

Functional Testing:

Parametric Testing (room temp, Vin = 5.2V):

(This chart shows the wider spread reflected in the data sheet for when F2=0 and F1 = 1)

Testing to date shows performance meeting specs, except for battery charging current, which is too high. The low currents from the battery indicate that it will be a long time between recharge events so expect long battery life.