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A project log for EMF Pickup Device

An enclosure for a hacked cassette player pickup and processor so you can listen to EMF waves

David TroetschelDavid Troetschel 12/30/2018 at 04:500 Comments

This one is for the SCR_68C PCB720 only (for now)

This is definitely a lot more material; I tried to hide mounting screws and the bulk of components. Sensor and volume have been moved to the left of the case. My thinking is that you are less likely to bump the sensor when flexing your wrist back in this case.

I again opted for an elastic band or velcro strap system for rigging.

Although this is much more... robust it will likely take less time to print and might use less resources than expected.

BUT, like the previous version I still haven't printed one myself to test.

My only real concern is the battery compartment which can thankfully be swapped out fairly easily. Besides that the drill hole taps might be a little small, but better smaller than too large when it comes to mounting hardware and I provided ample material to drill out further as needed.

Files are named Smooth1Top and Smooth1Bottom respectively. As usual, ask any questions if you have them! -David Troetschel