The big update

A project log for EMF Pickup Device

An enclosure for a hacked cassette player pickup and processor so you can listen to EMF waves

David TroetschelDavid Troetschel 01/04/2019 at 20:230 Comments

Okay! Sorry for the delay; both cases came out okay and actually function BUT, as expected there are issues which will need to be fixed. For one, the Suntone board has clearance issues in both models so cannot be used, I think I just modeled the board too quickly and missed some features (it's a lot more sloppy in its construction.) The more solid version:

Note the extra space for future Suntone board and volume placement which will be carried over to the wire-frame case in later version.

And the more wire-frame version:

And..... A video of it working! Unfortunately with a pitiful speaker and video.

As you can hear... poorly, each light although appearing to be identical emits a different frequency likely related to power instability and rate of decay. The power cable for the light box emits a fairly constant tone that can be heard from most power cables. The printer has a touch screen, which obviously has a lot going on. A lot of samples could be collected just in one room.

Anyways, moving on to actual cases and technical stuff.

Realize that if you print these cases right now there will be a number of issues (although obviously not enough to stop you.) I will fix these issues between now and sometime next week, some other projects are occupying my time. Known issues at this time:

-Battery compartment should be unibody and sealed, the end tabs flex too much.

-Battery compartment needs larger overhang to retain batteries (note the hot glue in pictures.)

-Pilot holes for screws must be enlarged by 1mm.

-Remove more material around positive and negative battery connection to board, annoying to solder.

-Wireframe case needs to be taller to allow for Suntone board to slide in, too tight!

-Wireframe case needs volume relocated to left side as done with the solid, otherwise wires must be extended.

-Front-most wireframe element needs reinforcement.

-Rear-most batter side wireframe element needs removal.

-Solid case needs mounting posts for Suntone board.

-Solid case lid needs smaller secondary post removed/relocated.

-Solid case needs base and lid extended to the rear.

-Solid case needs larger side cut for board protrusion and volume reach.

I think that's it for now.

I'm thinking I'll put up both prototypes for sale on Tindie once they are more stable if anyone is interested, money will go towards next iteration.