Rudung rework

A project log for Dual T-12 station

Notes about making a dual T-12 soldering station.

lion mclionheadlion mclionhead 11/16/2019 at 23:380 Comments

After living with only a single Rudung for a while, the decision was made to replace the other one with a front power switch.  The rear power switch got to be a pain in the mane.  It also arced.  The front switch has the same Chinese quality, but has a rubber covering up the pixies.

The Bang Bad switch proved unsuitable for soldering.  The contacts are some kind of pop rivets & melt through very easily.  There's no special alloy or heat resistant plastic like the Japanese switches.  Managed to get 1 to work by soldering the very ends & heat shrinking.  

The lion kindom specifically ordered 250V 15A versions

but they're visually very similar to a 12V model

Wouldn't trust them with 250V 15A.  The most they'll see is 120V 3A.

The bang bads continued to get stuck in the on position, at random times.  Replaced one, tore it down, bent some of the metal pieces to keep the rocker more snug.  It's hard to believe China flies stealth jets & rockets using these switches, but how much software valued at over $80 billion works?

A Rudung was more useful as a portable battery powered regulator.  The day job can't do that.  They have to lug around an inverter & Agilent to get a measly 1A.