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Replacing the TOSLINK on the ultimate amplifier with USB which can be captured.  It could finally be plugged into multiple computers instead of the 1 with the TOSLINK output.  There is an ancient STM32 discovery board which could be dropped in.

Something which can measure the duration of long delays down to the microsecond, but that might evolve into a super oscilloscope of some kind.  It would measure delays up to 1 second.  It would be USB controlled.  The mane problem with a super oscilloscope is the low I/O speed of a microcontroller & small memory buffer.  The best microcontroller would be limited to buffering maybe 1megbyte at 40Mhz.  Buffering over USB would be limited to 1.5Mhz.  It could capture long delays down to 1us.  

Capacitive multiplier for the preamp.

  • Solar filament drier

    lion mclionhead11/27/2021 at 20:37 0 comments

    The idea is this would eliminate the need for an expensive ziplock bag & consumable desiccant.  It would continuously dry the filament every day.  The lion kingdom tried leaving filament in a window & it absorbed water at night while releasing water during the day.  It seemed to have a net absorption of water in the winter while it might have released water during the summer.

    The idea is the container would continuously measure dewpoint inside & outside the container while heating the container as much as possible with absorptive material.  When the dewpoint inside is higher than outside, it opens an inlet.  When the dewpoint inside is lower than outside, it's air tight.  The sensing & actuating could be manes powered to save space & make sure all the solar radiation goes to heat.  There could be a fan to improve circulation.  

  • Autonomous boat

    lion mclionhead11/19/2021 at 20:47 0 comments

    There are many autonomous boats, but they all do the same thing, driving circuits around a lake. 

    Watching a guy trying to repair a foundation from a boat revealed the biggest need is a boat which can hover in the same position like a quad copter.  There was also the phase where SpaceX tried to catch fairings on boats, but they could never get the boat agile enough to do the job.

    It's hard because station keeping requires 4 thrusters.  Quad copters were originally hard, but eventually the world got used to 4 propellers.  The thrusters on a boat have to thrust in 3 directions, while the thrusters on a copter have to thrust in 1 direction.  There's a long lag time for a boat thruster to turn, then thrust.  A boat encounters a lot more drag when it tries to move fast in any direction.  

    The problem is more easily solved by having a quad copter that floats, but a floating quad copter wouldn't do any good for foundation repairs.  Part of the problem is easy.  Press the boat against the foundation with a static force.  There could be a force sensor which causes the motor to exert a constant force.

    Station keeping in open water is still required for fishing tools out with a magnet or dredging.  

  • Caliper firmware which actually goes to sleep

    lion mclionhead11/05/2021 at 07:12 1 comment

    The lion kingdom has worked around Chinese calipers with a flaky switch for 10 years, but ideally the microprocessor would just go to sleep properly.  The switch usually glitches off & it has to be zeroed every time it's turned on.  It would require replacing the entire board, at least $50 for a gold clad board.  The calipers were only $10, in the money of the time.

  • Flashlight from a 100W equivalent bulb

    lion mclionhead11/03/2021 at 04:15 0 comments

    Having a 60W equivalent bulb strapped on the truck has inspired the lion kingdom to create a flashlight out of a 100W bulb.  The mane problem with such a thing is the reflector.  The bare LEDs are quite diffuse.  Commercial flashlight reflectors are too small.

    Even the diffuse light from the 60W has proven better than a single LED flashlight or a phone.  An alternative is just carrying around a full size lampshade with the original form factor bulb.  A fresnel lens might do the job.

  • Wifi bathroom light

    lion mclionhead10/28/2021 at 17:51 0 comments

    $15 for an RGB bulb is a disaster, but it did plant the seed for a bathroom light which turned off without turning off the fan.  The lion kingdom leaves the fan on all summer, but the stock light can't be turned off independently of the fan.  It could if it had a remote control.  It has to be a 100W to 150W equivalent, yet there's not enough room to fit such a powerful omnidirectional bulb in the enclosure.  

    There are wifi sockets which also wouldn't fit in the enclosure.

    There could be a custom solution by combining the guts of a wifi bulb with a COB light.  Highly recommended to use a current limited inverter instead of a wall outlet to test it.

  • Lion lawn ornament

    lion mclionhead10/26/2021 at 21:44 0 comments

    It the lion kingdom ever had enough money for a yard, it would consider a lion lawn ornament.  Even better would be an animatronic lion.  It's a battle between degrees of freedom, resistance to the elements, & cost.  At minimum, the head would turn towards human subjects & the tail would wag.  At most, it would walk on legs.  Walking on unimproved terrain is out of reach.  A midpoint would be some kind of self propelled modular transporters  which moved the animated lion to different areas.  It would be powered by solar panels embedded in the body.

    Existing lion lawn ornaments are all unrealistic, grey pieces of concrete.  

    A realistic, life sized, painted lion is thousands of doll hairs.  

    It's a good application of 3D printing.  Getting a realistic mane still would require an exotic flexible material that resists the elements.

  • LED lightbulb for robo rudolf

    lion mclionhead10/24/2021 at 03:02 0 comments

    The problem with robo rudolf has always been a very dim nose that was invisible during the day.

    If it really is $5 & in a store 6 miles away, an RGB lightbulb for robo rudolf is going to need to happen.  It would have to be converted to 12V.  The lion kingdom doubts even a manes powered bulb is bright enough to do the job, in which case the solution would be a white manes powered bulb behind a filter that costs more than an RGB bulb.

  • Spider killer

    lion mclionhead10/05/2021 at 07:03 0 comments

    The lion kingdom has taken to duct tape on the end of a rod to kill spiders on the ceiling.  The problem is getting the adhesive parallel to the ceiling & keeping the spider from jumping down on the lion.  The ideal solution would be a large  container on the end of a rod which could seal it in.  Then a gas could be injected to kill it.  It's messy to release chemicals inside a container.  

    The 2nd best option would be a way to remotely manipulate a large adhesive surface inside a large container.

    A large, convex, flexible adhesive surface would probably be the most practical option.

  • Butane fired hot glue gun, audio upgrades

    lion mclionhead09/29/2021 at 03:51 0 comments

    The easiest way to get a hot glue gun that works is to combine a T-12 soldering iron with a hot glue extruder, but the ultimate hot glue gun would use butane.  It would make a lot of CO2.  The amerikan people would lose their minds, but flame powered hot glue would be the ultimate solution.  It also needs a much smaller nozzle than standard hot glue guns.

    The lion kingdom has been desiring a line input for conference calls & I2S output for recording live streams on the audio amplifier.  The amount of stuff which requires downloading a 10 hour long video to get a digital copy of a few minutes is growing.  The line input might need a dedicated gain pot.

    The headset amplifier would need a dedicated line output but it might not benefit from a dedicated microphone input.  The sound quality on the phone isn't good enough to justify any more than the headset microphone.

    There is a larger scale headset amplifier upgrade involving an enclosure, useful pots, new switches.  Helas, all these headset amplifier upgrades may be for nothing.  A more useful upgrade would be configuring the confuser soundcard for conference calls, installing a breakout panel so it can use a headset, supporting presets, VU meters, & multiple devices in Mix2000.  The unreliable audio in Chrome might make this impractical.

    A headset amplifier for a phone is needed no matter what for phone calls.  The dedicated line output is manely because the headset connector is too glitchy, otherwise the headset connector should be used.

    There was a time when audio jacks on a confuser were utterly fascinating, but lions for the last 15 years have switched to being fascinated by dedicated audio boxes.  It might be because of the amount of noise & ground looping a motherboard soundcard has.  It became very undesirable to use any audio jack on a confuser.  The lack of space for audio boxes might require that method to get fixed.

  • Dragon porthole wallpaper

    lion mclionhead09/21/2021 at 20:43 0 comments

    The video wallpaper idea has usually entailed completely covering all the walls with LCD panels showing a simulated forest.  A more affordable option is a more conventional single panel picture frame, but what to show on a single panel was unknown, besides maybe 25 year old flesh.  The god fearing Amerikan people outside would disapprove.  Then an idea came

    It could be a spaceship porthole showing the Earth passing outside.  It could be a live view of Earth, from weather satellites, with an actual orbit position.  The dragon porthole is quite artistic on its own.  

    The lion kingdom still couldn't justify buying a large LCD panel just for that. There would have to be a way to switch to 25 year old flesh.  

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Starhawk wrote 04/25/2020 at 05:37 point

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Daniel Dunn wrote 03/15/2019 at 08:10 point

Have you heard of Yggdrasil? A network of solar powered mesh repeaters with commodity long range WiFi hotspots plus long range microwave links for the super long distances seems like it could be a great way to extend the range.

Organizations the size of ham clubs could probably set up 25km 100mbps links without too much difficulty if they had line of sight, and people who wanted to use them could do so via the public internet or via directional WiFi, all transparently, keeping the same IP no matter how you connect.

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