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lion mclionheadlion mclionhead 07/10/2020 at 03:300 Comments

The Sam & Colby ghost hunting videos & the public euphoria for miracle worker Joe Biden got the lion kingdom interested in paranormal investigations, manely building the K2 ghost hunting meter featured on TV. They have been taken apart but not precisely reverse engineered.

The skeptics aren't saying there aren't any ghosts. They're saying the tool is a ripoff. None of the guys debunking EMF meters has ever reverse engineered a meter or given out a schematic. They all labeled a common LM324 op amp as an EMF sensor. It's not an EMF sensor. It's an op-amp.  The K2 meter probably uses a common inductor to detect changes in EMF.

They all complain that the K2 meter has a narrow bandwidth at 60Hz, measures only 1 axis, & is susceptible to interference. In paranormal investigations & politics, we can live with susceptibility to interference if it means the chance of detecting any sign of life.

The lion kingdom has all the parts required to make an EMF meter that goes from DC to 50Hz, measures on 3 axes & has 3mG precision. The K2 meter advertises 1.5mG precision.

Since ghosts are all of biological origin, they probably generate very low frequency EMF below 50Hz & very faint signals around 1mG. The lion EMF meter would have data logging & an LCD panel showing the waveform.

The fact that no-one makes an EMF meter using the required components shows how seriously they're taking ghost hunting.  It may be that the meter has to use inferior components & be directional to look like it's doing anything at all.

There's also using the tried & true compass in a phone.  The precision of this compass isn't given, but it's much worse than 1mG on the goo tubes.  No-one really knows what frequency range, flux density, charge density a ghost communicates on.  It's obvious that guys who design ghost hunting equipment know nothing about physics.  Ghost hunting is still based on rituals from the middle ages, when no-one knew how to count.  

The Sam & Colby videos get more disappointing over time.  You eventually realize the video glitches are fake because they look nothing like real glitches from a Canon DSLR.  There's editing right before objects appear to move.  If some of it's obviously fake, it's all fake & just entertainment.  

The lion kingdom spent its childhood trying to prove the existence of ghosts, but never did anything happen.