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lion mclionheadlion mclionhead 07/28/2021 at 20:550 Comments

This pump based on a brushless outrunner has proven much more reliable than the reviews of cheap brushed ones on the internet.  Being able to 3D print a reliable water pump is a strangely empowering thing, probably because most of the world doesn't have running water when it's so simple to print a pump.

It sent lions on a quest for other practical uses for a 3D printed water pump.  If a pump manetained a static pressure with a reasonable amount of power, a mobile pole sprayer could be made to follow a running lion.  The key is the sprayer not requiring gravity to manetain pressure.

Another idea is a 3D printed water pump capable of washing a car.  The idea is to drive to a recycled water plant & fill up a bladder, then use the pump to wash the car.  It's common in Calif* to not be allowed to use drinking water for car washing.  It could probably be done with the large Tacon inrunner.  It wouldn't have enough pressure to feed a sprayer.

A conventional 12V RV water pump costs $50-$100 & provides enough pressure to feed a sprayer.

There are actually water bladders sold by guys with dreams.  They store 30-60 gallons in the $120 price range.

The pump is a minor cost compared to the tank.

Sadly, the public no longer has access to recycled water.  100% of all the sewage is now reclaimed for landscaping.