Lion lawn ornament

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Too simple for a project page & which may never happen.

lion mclionheadlion mclionhead 10/26/2021 at 21:440 Comments

It the lion kingdom ever had enough money for a yard, it would consider a lion lawn ornament.  Even better would be an animatronic lion.  It's a battle between degrees of freedom, resistance to the elements, & cost.  At minimum, the head would turn towards human subjects & the tail would wag.  At most, it would walk on legs.  Walking on unimproved terrain is out of reach.  A midpoint would be some kind of self propelled modular transporters  which moved the animated lion to different areas.  It would be powered by solar panels embedded in the body.

Existing lion lawn ornaments are all unrealistic, grey pieces of concrete.  

A realistic, life sized, painted lion is thousands of doll hairs.  

It's a good application of 3D printing.  Getting a realistic mane still would require an exotic flexible material that resists the elements.