Windowless house

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Too simple for a project page & which may never happen.

lion-mclionheadlion mclionhead 06/07/2023 at 18:130 Comments

Reviewing that failed Disney hotel, lions noted from the auto recommender that windowless hotels simulating spaceships have become a thing. The only way to find out what the disney hotel was is of course the gootubes.  There's a vijeo of the top end room & the bottom end room.

 It seems depressing to live in a tiny room with no windows & TV's simulating windows, but maybe it's the future.  A key construction cost is the framing to make up for the giant holes created by windows.  For 3D printed houses, the windows require building supports out of stick frames.  TV's might be good enough to do the job.  The limiting factor still might be the cost of the TV.

Not shown by any gootuber is that all the Disney parks are on a bunch of islands comprising the southwest of Orlando.

The only exterior view is a warped satellite view showing a nondescript building with the artistic entrance.

It's well hidden from the guest experience.  Maybe bland warehouse buildings which project virtual palaces of Versailles on TV windows are the future.