Ready to go SD card image

A project log for Raspberry PI wireless Telescope Control

Advanced SkyFi 3 replacement for Celestron

ChrisG71ChrisG71 12/12/2018 at 07:250 Comments

*UPDATED* fixed a few config issues. Should work now as described.

I posted an SD-card image on DropBox:

You need an 16 GB (8GB might work) SD card, larger are OK as well of course.

*** UPDATE: Even I am using an 8GB to create the image it seems to be too big to write it back to an 8GB card. So please use a 16GB card. It's anyway difficult meanwhile to get an 8GB card. ***

It should boot on PI 2 B+ and PI 3 B+ and also on PI Zero W.  Username: pi Password: raspberry

I finished all config steps I described in my project. But there are a few to-do's;

This should give you a quick start in just 30min.

Let me know if you found the little easter egg.