PlayStation Classic Duo

Powered by Intel m3 Compute Stick

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Here is a conceptual build to pack Windows 10 stick PC and HDMI switch in the original PS classic console.

  • 1 × Sony PlayStation Classic Console
  • 1 × Intel Compute Stick CS325 Computer with Core m3 processor STK2M3W64CC
  • 1 × HDMI 2x1 switch

  • 1
    Setup Emulators in Windows 10
    1. Install RetroArch
    2. Run RetroArch
    3. Load PCSX ReArmed for PlayStation Emulation
    4. Install PCSX2
    5. Install LaunchBox with BigBox (license required)
    6. Run LaunchBox
    7. Add Emulators
    8. Add RetroArch and configure emulator to enable PlayStation
    9. Add PCSX2
    10. Enable Auto Login
    11. Directly run BigBox by modifying registry
  • 2
    Modify Compute Stick
    1. Open the case and take the m3 PCB out
    2. Add external push button to the pad of PowerOn switch
    3. Attach USB Type-A male connector to the USB 3.0 port of the m3 PCB
    4. Wire +5V/GND to the USB Type-A male connector
    5. Remove one of the HDMI connector from 2x ports side of the HDMI switch
    6. Solder 19x magnetic wires to HDMI connector
    7. Attach the HDMI female connector to the HDMI connector of the m3 PCB
    8. Solder other end of 19x wires to the HDMI switch
  • 3
    1. Remove the another HDMI connector from 2x ports side of the HDMI switch
    2. Solder wires to each pin of the HDMI connector  on the PlayStation Classic
      (You may skip 4x SHLD for TMDS pairs to reduce the wiring)
    3. Solder other end of HDMI wires to the switch
    4. Solder +5V/GND wires to PlayStation Classic Logic Board
    5. Pack everything in the PlayStation Classic Case

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