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A project log for FossaSat-1, Open Source Satellite

Creating a free & open source global IoT network, democratizing access to space by miniaturizing aerospace systems.

julian-fernandezJulian Fernandez 06/01/2019 at 15:230 Comments

Hello Everyone, @EA4HCD here!

Just wanted to inform everyone on Hackaday that the project is progressing as planned, we will be starting to assemble the final Flight models in the clean room in a couple of weeks and have just received our IARU frequency spectrum allocation for LoRa of 125kHz. We will soon be publishing extensive guides on how to decode from FossaSat-1! 

A shoutout to Jan Gromes for developing SX1262 support for RadioLib which will fly into space!

Excuse the lack of updates, have not had much time!

We post weekly updates on our twitter @FossaSys

Here a are some pictures of our progress so far, more to come!


Solar Panel Hinges:

Spanish LoRa record we accomplished using a weather balloon.