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A project log for FossaSat-1, Open Source Satellite

Creating a free & open source global IoT network, democratizing access to space by miniaturizing aerospace systems.

julian-fernandezJulian Fernandez 07/07/2019 at 14:130 Comments

Back with another update after several weeks! FossaSat-1 progress is coming along nicely and I am proud to announce we have started construction of the flight models. Final thermovacuum and vibration testing is being carried out the 17th of July and integration of the satellite is being done in early September for a launch in October.

SInce pictures are worth more than 1000 words, i'll leave it up to them to tell the story and current state of the project :)

- Satellite Holder for assembly (starting next week)

- LACADIO URJC Cleanroom where FossaSat-1 is being built by 16 year-old Julian Fernandez.

Network analyzer testing of FossaSat-1, VSWR of 1.04 Achieved! 

28% efficient gallium arsenide cells, a total of 233 here totalling 7.8W and being just enough for 2 FossSat-1 flight models

Alumnium Shakerbox for random and sinusoidal vibration of FossaSat-1

Finished electronics of FossaSat-1. Seen below are the EPS and COMMs/OBC boards. The EPS is based on the SPV1040 MPPT controller and the TC1262 LDO. OBC/Comms is based on the Atmega 328P-AU as CPU, SX1268T with TCXO as transciever, TMP100 Temperature sensor, INA 226 Current and voltage sensor, MAX6369 Watchdog for SEU protection, TPS2553 for SEL protection and various mosfets for deployment of solar panels and antennas.