Built and Integrated

A project log for FossaSat-1, Open Source Satellite

Creating a free & open source global IoT network, democratizing access to space by miniaturizing aerospace systems.

julian-fernandezJulian Fernandez 09/10/2019 at 17:440 Comments

FossaSat-1 has been built, tested and integrated into the deployer awaiting a launch in the following months. See you in space!  github soon to be updated with final flight code and hardware designs. Seen below are some pictures of the process. 

Final flight model of FossaSat.1
Solar panels being assembled.
Satellite in TVAC chamber.
Satellite in MGSE for mechanical vibration  tests
Building interior assembly
Open version of the interior PCB stack 

Satellite in testing facility.

Comms / OBC Board

Integration model vs open model
Interior Stack of the satellite.