I think I found the correct files.  This should get you close.  Things to hunt down and fix are..

This will work great on the least expensive ESP8266-01 you can find.  You need to flash it with a recent version of NODEMCU.  I used the custom build server and enabled the standard modules, the modules for ntp and net time, PCM audio, and cron.

All of the stuff is set in the code.  This is not end user configurable.  I did say I was lazy, didn't I?

1) Your wifi ssid and password need to be changed

2) Your ntp server needs to be changed

3) Any timezone offset.  I did not mess with daylight saving time.  Truthfully being lazy I would probably use the I/O pin that I am not using for PCM to read a jumper to make it add or subtract an hour.  Seems easier than dicking around to figure out if we are in standard or savings time.

Sorry, this will not let me upload lua or binary sound files, or zip files.  Ping me if you know how and I will dig them out and try uploading again.