Short Cut - Converting gCode Cartesian to Polar

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agp.cooperagp.cooper 12/12/2018 at 01:440 Comments

Short Cut

Its a rather "long road" to write a Grbl replacement (perhaps later), but converting gCode from XYZ to UVZ is not. I have seen that someone has already done this on the Internet (sorry I have lost the link). So basically after conversion you can use Grbl instead.

Perhaps I am wrong but Grbl does not appear to handle UVZ coordinate systems.

I already have a gCode Filter project that can be co-opted into service.

After filtering the gCode to remove "redundant" segments (i.e. the main function of gCode Filter), I only need map the UVZ space and to insert the critical points.

I have made a start, set up two graphical results windows, one for XY space and the other for UV space. Still about a days coding left to complete (wishful thinking perhaps?).


One of the issues for construction of a SCARA is the bearing. Nearly all the projects I have looked at are DIY. It would be nice to get something reasonalbe (lazy susan bearings are pretty bad!) off the self.

For a big project a car one piece stub axle looks like an option (~AUD50):

After a bit of searching I found good candidate, a bicycle front wheel hub:

Are you excited yet? AlanX