The Stepper Motor Driver Board

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agp.cooperagp.cooper 12/14/2018 at 22:521 Comment

The Stepper Motor Driver Board

Here is the Stepper Motor Driver  Board:

Almost no documentation in the Internet on this board! It is cheap and I have used it before.

Mapping/tracing the Nano pins I get:

There are also:


One fault with these boards is that the shunts to control the micro stepping does not work. I added these 10k pull-ups to fix the problem:


Pre-processing "cartesian" gCode with gCode2SCARA allows the use of Grbl for a SCARA arm (UVZ type). This what I would recommend to get started.

Not Grbl

Is some code that I wrote that will also do the job.

Motion Controller

Is some more code that I wrote (but needs some work of the interpreter) that could also do the job. I intend to finish this code off to work with gCodeFilter and gCode2SCARA at some point of time.

gCode2SCARA Command Line Options

If you have not realised, gCode2SCARA is a command line program program designed to be used via a batch file. Here are the current options:

This project could benefit from a "Visual Windows" programming approach, so probably time to look at what is available for Linux that is simple to use.



Daren Schwenke wrote 02/26/2019 at 21:27 point

I was under the assumption that stepsticks have built-in pull-ups for M0-M2. It looks like you are using Allegro modules, which I actually skipped in my quest for similar stuffs.  I do know the DRV8825 modules work fine without the external pull-up resistors, but if you choose to drive large steppers at high voltages (19-24V+), you will get other problems then.  Nema 17 should work fine.

EDIT: Actually, I had that backwards.  The pull-downs work fine.  You pull-up to set M0-M2.

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