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A Controller for a SCARA Arm

agp.cooperagp.cooper 02/04/2019 at 04:381 Comment

Very Simple Hardware

A simple laser SCARA:

It uses 50mmx25mmx3mm aluminum bracket.

The main downsides are:

Still it should be useful for testing.

Reworked the design

Reworked the design away from 50mm x 25mm 3mm aluminum angle.

Here is a 6mm MDF design:

And the laser cutout (300mmx300mmx6mm MDF sheet):

The bending moment calculations suggest less than 0.5mm deflection (assumes 2.5N end load). Maximum end load is 30N (~5mm deflection).

I sent the design away to be cut by a professional laser cutting company.



Pete Prodoehl wrote 9 hours ago point

I'd be willing to cut and assemble one of these if you want to share the vector file.

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