I added a tiny OLED to a block!

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AmosAmos 04/23/2019 at 11:290 Comments

I still have a few issues to iron out, but I managed to find an OLED library that was small enough to fit on the ATTiny841 and got a small, 0.49" OLED display working on an output block. Now, as the program is running, the output block shows the current value of a variable. I even have enough spare memory to use two different fonts, which I was a pleasant surprise.

This has highlighted some issues with my power distribution. I really need to work out what is happening with the power. The current set up doesn't quite provide enough power to initialise the OLED on the block, but if I power up the block first with an external power supply, then add the block to the other blocks while it is still powered, then apply power to the master controller, it will work. I think that might be a little too hacky...

I do want to replace the Arduino Uno with a custom board, so maybe that should be the next thing I focus on. I can try to work out the power issues while creating the master controller's board. Or, do I really need a master controller at all? If I can stick a display on individual blocks, the need for a master controller to display the output is reduced. Something for me to think about...