Get a grip

A project log for REMB - Raz0r Electric Mountain Board

An electric mountain board, built from scooter parts.

Daren SchwenkeDaren Schwenke 08/08/2019 at 06:290 Comments

No real time to work on stuff today, so I did a quick thingy.  I added the grip to the top deck cover.

I could have just bought some grip tape (even in clear) for like $10 and been done with it, but you know me... why do anything the easy way.

First I tried heating sand to 500C and then sprinkling it on the polycarbonate.  It did nothing and brushed right back off.  So I started over with the bright idea of then heating it with a heat gun.  

Heat, sprinkle, turn on the heat gun... blow away the sand.  :)  I laughed at myself.

So.. I gave up and did it the 'normal' way.  

Wet sanded the cover with 1000 grit,

Sprayed it lighty with polyurethane and sprinkled it with sand.

Then it got two more heavy coats about 45 min apart.

Tomorrow it will bake in the sun all day.