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Where most of 2018 went

lion mclionheadlion mclionhead 05/12/2019 at 08:140 Comments

It occurred to the lion kingdom that the race course should be a 2D route through the upper level winds.  The winds would have to be rendered like land masses or clouds.  The space section would have to be a route through a dense sea of stars.  The only way anything can be playable is if it's very artistic instead of accurate.  It definitely has to be 2D to work on a tablet.

It occurred to the lion kingdom that with Musk now caught up in John Green books, the name BFR is free & clear, so the thing should be called BFR.

Working on the game makes lions want to play Asphalt 9 & reminds them of commuting, since most of the work is done on a train & the game is based on Asphalt 9.  This results in wasted days playing Asphalt 9 to avoid being reminded of commuting.

The godot editor is so bad, a key requirement is a way to freeze the game & view from arbitrary cameras.  The camera previewer in the editor is non functional & most of the models are synthesized in the game.  

Introducing textures

The garage scene in Asphalt XTreme uses textures heavily to simulate polygons.  The shadows aren't even drawn very accurately, but it still works.  

Thus, when it came time for the hangar scene in BFR, lions were woefully unprepared to make the custom textures.  It's ironic that animals who did much paper drawing & struggled transitioning to 3D models now have a hard time with the 2D drawing required to make textures.

To someone who was alive over 40 years ago, modern paint programs are better for editing photos & terrible for drawing 2D.  Compare this to millenials who can't imagine drawing anything on paper & make big bucks drawing 2D on computers.  There is a millenial trophy wife showing that professional art is drawn electronically, but not showing any tutorials.

The computer interface definitely limits it to a certain style.  Surprising how much TV art is 2D & computer art has evolved from 3D to 2D as they've learned how to make better interfaces.