• Log #8 - It's Shelved

    Asher Gomez04/17/2019 at 14:33 0 comments

    I have decided to shelve the Open Source Laptop until further notice, I will still give updates on how far I've gotten but for now it's shelved.

  • Log #7 - A "Slight" Change of Plans

    Asher Gomez02/14/2019 at 22:23 0 comments

    I'm contemplating using the #Blueberry PI at the heart of this instead of the Raspberry Pi Compute Module because it will allow me to fit more circuitry into the laptop, increase portability, have a completely open source hardware, and use this type of screen meaning that it will be easier to connect the screen to the board. If I do go with the #Blueberry PI then I will also figure out a way to integrate speakers, extra RAM, and more storage (~64-100GB). I will still use a custom derivative of the Arduino for the keyboard. I have also just recently though about the case and have decided to make a 3D printed case (for now) and use Blender to model it; although I'm still not sure where I will have it printed. Please leave a comment with your thoughts on this change.

  • Log #6 - Slow Development

    Asher Gomez01/24/2019 at 13:28 0 comments

    I'm still working on this project but, I'm also in school at the moment. I have recently had a lot of homework so the design process has been kinda slow. I'm still stuck with the issue from log #5 so if you could help with that I'd appreciate it very much.

  • Log #5 - Another Issue...

    Asher Gomez12/22/2018 at 03:27 4 comments

    Once again I was on a roll but have been slowed down by another ignored decision. I forgot to find a screen to use! And mouse/trackpad... Could y'all help me figure out what to do for these parts, I'd really appreciate it. Also I'm going to stop further development of the Compute Module IO board until I solve this issue, instead I'll work on the keyboard.

  • Log #4 - Having to restart the PCB layout...

    Asher Gomez12/21/2018 at 20:55 0 comments

    Man, I was on a roll. Whelp that's what I get for not reading up before starting.

  • Log #3 - Close to finishing!

    Asher Gomez12/21/2018 at 17:36 0 comments

    The schematic is finished and now I'm working on the PCB Layout.

    Above: A picture of the schematic; Below: A picture of the PCB Layout so far.

    Soon I'll release the files to GitHub.

  • Log #2​ - Swapped to EasyEDA

    Asher Gomez12/20/2018 at 17:50 0 comments

    After being stuck with Upverter for a day or so I asked the IT at my school to unblock EasyEDA and he now has. Finally I can speed up the process!

  • Log #1 - Working on the schematic!

    Asher Gomez12/14/2018 at 20:21 0 comments

    I have started work on the schematic and I'm finding the parts I'll use along the way.

    Here is a picture of the 200 Pin DDR2 SODIMM Connector so far...