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A project log for The Spikeputor

I am building a computer featuring a 16-bit RISC CPU made of transistors for learning, fun and art. It will be pretty large.

spudfishScottspudfishScott 12/18/2018 at 17:120 Comments

Since I started this hackaday project in medias res, as it were, I think I'll start with the current status and work both backwards and forwards. As of today, the register memory is about halfway complete (input, output, and three of seven registers, plus a zero register), and the ALU is 80% complete (just a few more shifters to install). Here's a video of the first Spikeputor "program", which is really just a hard-wired loop between the register memory and the ALU. Nonetheless, I have something that can perform successive additions on each clock cycle.