And Just Like That, We Have A CPU!

A project log for The Spikeputor

I am building a computer featuring a 16-bit RISC CPU made of discrete transistors for learning, fun and art. It will be pretty large.

spudfishScottspudfishScott 11/18/2019 at 04:454 Comments

🚨Phase One of the Spikeputor Project has been completed! 🚨

Integrating all of the modules was just a matter of making cables to connect everything, and writing some Arduino code to load data into the Spikeputor's memory through the DMA model. Here's a video describing the maiden voyage:

Many more things to do, including a bunch of clean-up, making some memory from discrete transistors, adding some more I/O features, and optimizing the top speed.

But for now, I'm just happy the thing actually works!


Marcel van Kervinck wrote 11/19/2019 at 12:06 point

Congratulations. Well in time to serve as fantastic Christmas decoration.

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Dave's Dev Lab wrote 11/19/2019 at 01:34 point

awesome work!

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Ken Yap wrote 11/18/2019 at 21:40 point

Very impressive, congratulations. Truly (LSD) Large Scale Disintegration. Now I know what kind of hacker buys those 500 count boxes of LEDs from suppliers. 😁

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roelh wrote 11/18/2019 at 18:08 point

Hi, Congratulations with your working SpikePutor !  Nice presentation also !

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