Airis Vision System

An AI-enabled device which provides descriptions of objects and products to visually impaired individuals

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The product, developed for a university assignment, consists of a device which is able to describe complex images for blind and visually impaired individuals. This proves to be extremely useful in assisting their day to day lives, as simple tasks such as going to the supermarket become difficult due to excessive standardization and lack of accessibility features on many products.

This is accomplished by communicating with an AI processing service (eg. Azure or Google Cloud Vision), which allows the user to use a vastly wider array of services compared to current traditional assistive devices, which at most provide some hardcoded OCR.

The next most important characteristic of this device is its interface. As blind people are unable to use traditional screens without resorting to difficult and cumbersome assistive software, the user interacts with this device by means of a touchpad which can detect gestures and responds via an advanced haptic feedback driver.

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