It is using

- an ESP32 microcontroller 
- 9V battery power supply 
- key switch for authorization 

A pre-configured application is deployed to the microcontroller, so it knows 
- the WiFi access of the office 
- the url of the Jenkins instance 
- an api key for Jenkins 
- 3 Jenkins job names 

- switch ON 
- it will automatically connect to the wifi (wait until first green led is on) 
- use the key for authorization (second green led will turn on) 
- pick target: select one of the three pre-configured job. Only one job works at a time. 
- continuity check led should be ON: the led above the red button. Press the button. 
- job should start, indicated by flashing green led (3rd led) 
- in case of job failed, first red led is on. Otherwise the green is ON.(Bottom green/red leds are not used yet)