Fit Testing

A project log for 16 Inch 7-segment LED

This will be a giant LED numeral made with neopixels.

David WheelerDavid Wheeler 12/18/2018 at 15:570 Comments

This morning, the first 3D prints of the LED segments are done.  It looks like they fit together pretty nicely!

And the LED strips also fit into their little windows:

I made the windows 0.25 inch, which is a very loose fit around the LEDs.  And the spacing was based on 60 LEDs per meter, which works out to 0.656 inch.  The adhesive on the strips isn't going to do me any good since I have them mounted on the wrong side.  I guess I'll just run some tape over the strips to attach them.

Since I need to cut the LED strip down into small segments and re-wire them, I'm wondering if there's any special technique for soldering them?  I'm also thinking that I may wire up the power connections for all the segments in parallel so I don't have to use a heavy gauge wire.  (The data and clock wires will need to run in series through all the segments, of course.)