Corners and Sides (in CAD)

A project log for 16 Inch 7-segment LED

This will be a giant LED numeral made with neopixels.

David WheelerDavid Wheeler 12/23/2018 at 05:090 Comments

This evening I generated models for the corners and side pieces to close the edges of the sign.  I'm using angle aluminum for the side walls and it attaches to the top piece.  There are 3D printed pieces in the corners.

One thing I struggled with: the whole thing got 1/8 inch taller and wider to accomodate the side walls.  I tried to find a way around that and eventually decided it wasn't worth it.  At exactly 10x16, I had a 20x32 sheet of acrylic I could cut into quarters for the face plates.  Now I can only get three plates from it.  Oh well.