ATTinyCore with Micronucleus

A project log for ATtiny84a tiniest development board

A development board for the ATtiny84a which can be used on a bread board. Just all the basics to run the micronucleus bootloader.

Sander van de BorSander van de Bor 01/16/2019 at 05:000 Comments

I was able to create a custom 3rd party hardware configuration in the Arduino IDE, based on the ATtiny Core from SpenceKonde, more info here. The original uses AVRDUDE to upload the sketches, but I was able to change it to Micronucleus instead. Most common Micronucleus configurations are supported now in this new board manager:

There are some advantages of using the ATtiny Core over the original Digispark hardware configuration in the Arduino IDE (which I used for the initial development) as follows:

I have Digispark pro, a LilyPad ATTINY85 (same as digispark) and the ATtiny84a which I can use to test 3 of the 4 configurations shown above. After it all works well I can complete the board manager, and I will create a JSON file so that everybody can start using this in the board manager as well.