File upload, but still beta

A project log for Evade - an ascii game for the Hackaday 2018 Badge

It is a space shooter game. Attempt to hit an enemy in space with your ion cannon. Trying to be reminiscent of Millennium Falcon's weaponry.

fidfid 12/22/2018 at 15:560 Comments

I've uploaded the current Evade game text file.  It plays fine.  I still have to add the music which I started composing last night.  Figuring out how to break out of the music to get to the instructions page is proving to be a little challenge.  It may take a bunch of gosub calls or make the song shorter and repeating. 

I also discovered that I don't like the instructions page which is right after the the splash screen.   I am thinking ASCII at the top would look OK.

Let me know what you think about this game?  If you have hints about being able to break out of the music, I am all ears.  :-D