Cannon not reloading quickly enough.

A project log for Evade - an ascii game for the Hackaday 2018 Badge

It is a space shooter game. Attempt to hit an enemy in space with your ion cannon. Trying to be reminiscent of Millennium Falcon's weaponry.

fidfid 12/27/2018 at 13:420 Comments

One of the suggestions I received from @Ian Weber and my kid (his girlfriend) is that the ion cannon was not loading fast enough.  Further testing was that the cannon is now done to 45 from 100.  Line 3310 has the variable y as the timing for the cannon to recharge after firing.

Speeding up the cannon to fire caused a need for the enemy ship to seem a little slow in its erratic evasive movements.  I adjusted that to 35, line 3330.

If you have played the game on your 2018 SuperCon Badge you should have noticed that the LED glows green to show you that the cannon is charged up.  When you press the fire button (space) you will see that the green light goes out as the HUD shows in the upper right corner that the cannon is now recharging.  If you make a hit on the enemy ship you might see that the LED flashes red for a brief period of time.  Sometimes I don't even notice it as I am too focused on the display screen.

Still working on the music and the instructions page.