Translation Control First Attempt 13.03.2019

A project log for "Straddle Crane" Self-Balancing Robot

I am aiming to create a new self-balancing robot that can drive around an object, pick it up, carry it and offload it.

Ben PetersBen Peters 03/13/2019 at 17:440 Comments

After yesterday's attempt at adding steering to the robot resulted in some instability ( probably due to the added computational power of having seperate throttling variables). I decided to revert to the previous code and add only forwards and backwards control to see how this affected the stability.

I have solved my logistic problem by adding a string harness for the robot to my wired controller (you can sort of see it in the above picture), check out the videos to see how much easier it is making the testing; no more need for a friend chasing the robot around. The robot moves forwards or backwards by tilting itself into the direction it needs to travel. The results were very promising. Please see this video link.

The robot can drive in both directions but drives slowly in the direction against the way it tends to drift and slightly too fast in the other direction. I am fairly confident now that the robot will operate as intended when I sort these sensor issues out! Today I also conducted some more rigorous testing on the robot and have a good amount of data with repeats that I will analyse in the hope of sorting these issues out. I will post any significant progress on here.