2nd Prototype Chassis Designed and Built 24.03.2019

A project log for "Straddle Crane" Self-Balancing Robot

I am aiming to create a new self-balancing robot that can drive around an object, pick it up, carry it and offload it.

Ben PetersBen Peters 03/24/2019 at 15:020 Comments

With the completion of the sliding mechanism, it was time to build the entire prototype 2 chassis.

The aim of this prototype was to integrate a crane boom into the chassis.

The secondary improvements based on critisims of the first prototype were:

After many late nights, the picture below shows the completed result.

Please see the link to a video of the operational crane mechanism!! LINK

My main goal now is to integrate this with the self balancing capability of the first prototype. I also intend to move from a breadboard to a soldered stripboard because this has been causing me many issues.