A project log for Lion FPGA CPU/Computer

A 16-bit FPGA CPU I call Lion CPU and a computer, the Lion computer. Everything built from scratch.

LeonLeon 09/08/2019 at 17:300 Comments

Sound capabilities are not advanced in Lion but...

I increased the sound channels to 3 and added 255 step 8bit digital volume control for each one.

A channel outputs a square wave signal with frequency  obtained by dividing 200khz by a 13bit number.

A channel can be mixed with the white noise (lfsr) channel, noise comes with a frequency bandwidth limit.

Every channel can be enabled with 8 different duration values 2sec, 1sec, 0.5 sec,  ....

Status of any channel is available to determine if it has finished playing the previous note in order to send it a new note but a channel can be interrupted any time to start a new note.