Lion core for MiSTer

A project log for Lion FPGA CPU/Computer

A 16-bit FPGA CPU I call Lion CPU and a computer, the Lion computer. Everything built from scratch.

LeonLeon 03/24/2020 at 20:301 Comment

A friend lend me his MiSTer board and as I had a lot of time because of  various restrictions due to corona virus (here in Greece) I ported Lion to the mister board.

Most things work well but there are some differences in keyboard behaviour and so to play the games well you need a usb joystick, also there is no serial port and XY-Display support as in the original Lion.

VGA output is a bit dark and redish I don't know why. (now fixed)

HDMI is better but both outputs are darker than in the real Lion computer (now fixed).

You can find the core in a zip file at the files section.


Jamie Dickson wrote 03/28/2020 at 12:37 point

Hello, cool project! Is the source code available somewhere so we can make improvements in interacting with the MiSTer framework?

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