32-bit Lion

A project log for Lion FPGA CPU/Computer

A 16-bit FPGA CPU I call Lion CPU and a computer, the Lion computer. Everything built from scratch.

LeonLeon 07/19/2020 at 15:300 Comments

The paged memory thing was troubling me a lot, so I made a new version 32 bit Lion CPU, I'll not surprisingly call it Lion32. Lion32 can have a 32bit address bus with tons of linear addressed memory.

I made it as compatible as possible with the 16bit Lion and so the software had not to be rewritten although it needed much debugging but system software and Tiny Basic are working now with the 32bit Lion.

I have to make the java grinder compiler 32bit version to be able to run the games and develop new 32bit software.

Most new commands have the .D extension to indicate that they use a 32 bit length.

MOV A1,10 is the 16bit operation while the MOV.D A1,10 is the 32bit

the same with ADD.D SUB.D AND.D CMP.D etc

All JUMPS and indirect addressing use 32 bits  

Maybe I'll create a new project page for Lion32.