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Z80 machine with a hex keypad and 7-segment displays built on a cylindrical wireframe

matsengmatseng 12/22/2018 at 00:010 Comments

Before starting to attach the ICs with latches and tranceivers for the keypad and the display I felt it was best to put those two together first.

Not being bound to the flat surface of a PCB I decided to have the display floating a bit above/behind the keypad and put at an angle.

It turned out quite well.  I think I'll keep most of the "cat-whiskers" and the edges of the display, it looks almost Art Deco in design. Maybe just trim them down a bit so they're even.

By pure luck the center of gravity ended up so the unit it stable and dosen't fall over, but I had planned to attach some rest/leg at the back of the displays going down to the table. Probably is a good idea to do that anyways.